When it comes to selling at a pawn shop, you always want to make sure you are getting the most value of your item(s). Luckily, many pawn brokers are open to negotiation, but just how can this work in your favor? How can you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to selling to a pawn shop? Here are a few tried and true pawn shop negotiation tips, so you can walk out of your local pawn shop confident in your sales!

1.   Always Ask For A Better Offer

Many pawn shops leave room for negotiation when they make an initial offer on an item. Because pawn shops get to the bottom of an item’s value, they always want to make sure to leave wiggle room in case negotiation is brought up. So don’t be afraid to ask for a better offer when it comes to an item that you’re selling, especially if it is newer or in excellent condition!

2.   Be Friendly To Pawnbrokers

Be friendly to the pawnbrokers you are negotiating with! You are both trying to come to an agreement when it comes to your item. In the end, they want to buy it and you want to sell it, so there is always room to negotiate. Be courteous and respectful during the negotiation process, as this is a business transaction after all!

3.   Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

If you are looking to sell a phone for $900 that retails that price, you’re going to have a problem! When it comes to selling your items to a pawn shop, you have to be aware that the items are not new, may have a little wear, or maybe older. Hence, a pawn shop will not offer to buy it for retail or particularly close to the retail price either. Go into a pawn shop with low expectations, and you may find yourself still pleasantly surprised!

4.   Loans Don’t Have Room For Negotiation

If you are discussing terms of a pawn shop loan, it is vital you realize these loans are usually not up for negotiation. You have a set number of days to pay back the amount loaned to you, so there really is nothing to negotiate. The pawnbroker will value your item and make you a loan offer that is a percentage of that value.


For many people, the fun in pawn shops is that negotiation can be brought up, whether you are buying or selling items. Ask for a better offer, be friendly, and you may find yourself with a great deal! If you are looking for a Colton pawn shop or Ontario pawn shop to sell items or get a loan, then the search is over. Negotiation can be a skill that is only increased with each pawn shop visit, so don’t delay! Just remember: pawn shop loans are usually not a part of this negotiation perk. Sell your items for some quick money to add to that rainy day fund!