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Programmable Thermostat Installation

Programmable Thermostat Installation

If you haven’t already, consider investing in a Programmable Thermostat for your home. These devices allow you to program various temperatures based on your schedule. These devices can also be programmed to change the temperature based on the activity that you’re doing in your home. Here are some of the pros and cons of a Programmable Thermostat. And, of course, don’t forget to learn how to install a Programmable Thermostat.
Easy to install

If you are tired of dealing with an unreliable thermostat, you should consider an easy to install programmable thermostat. These devices have many benefits, and they will keep your home warm or cold according to your personal preference. These devices are also inexpensive. You can purchase them at any major retailer or online. Nevertheless, you should take the time to learn how to install them. It is possible to learn how to do it for as little as $100.
Easy to program

The easiest way to install a programmable thermostat is to follow the instructions found in the manual. The instructions for installation can vary depending on your thermostat type. Some thermostats are direct-wired, while others run on batteries. A direct-wired thermostat is most commonly found in a house with electricity. If you want to install a thermostat in a place that does not have electricity, you can look for an easy-to-install unit.
Requires a low-voltage power source

Most thermostats are designed to operate on low-voltage power, which is available from a transformer installed in the heating system. These transformers can be found in the heating boiler or furnace or in the primary controller. They provide power to a variety of thermostats, including a zone valve, circulator relay, and zone thermostats. Some thermostats require batteries to operate, so you’ll need a low-voltage power source.

The cost of programmable thermostat installation will vary depending on the type of unit and the complexity of the job. Installation for a simple thermostat will cost about $70, while more complex models will cost around $650 or more. This cost reflects the exchange rate at the time of publication. The installation itself takes around an hour to complete. Professional installers will charge around $40 to $100 per hour to complete the project. However, you should make sure that you have the right amount of money to cover all the necessary expenses.
Improper installation could damage your HVAC system

It is possible to ruin your HVAC system by installing an improper thermostat. Incorrect installation can make the heating system malfunction and void the warranty. Not only that, it can also damage the thermostat. Here are some tips for avoiding improper thermostat installation. These are the top things to avoid. If you are installing a new thermostat, follow these steps to avoid damaging your HVAC system. Listed below are some of the mistakes that homeowners make when installing thermostats.
HVAC Company Victorville

10 Plumbing Facts You Didn’t Know

Plumbing isn’t all just clogged toilets and sink leaks! Plumbing has been around since ancient times, and there are plenty of interesting facts involving its development and role in the home. Here are 10 plumbing facts for the avid learner who is interested in expanding their plumbing knowledge with some fun and fascinating plumbing facts that not many people know!


  1. 38% of water usage in the US is attributed to flushing the toilet! Every single flush does add up, so just always make sure to flush only when needed.


  1. Are you an avid Super Bowl fan? It has been recorded that the toilet is flushed more times during the halftime celebrations than any other time of the year! Must be all that delicious Super Bowl spread…


  1. Since their origins in 1985, video game characters Mario and Luigi have been the most well-known plumbers around in popular culture!


  1. 2 of the most common items flushed down the toilet may surprise you (hint: they should definitely not be going into the toilet)! These items include childrens’ toys and smartphones! Smartphones will usually fall out of pockets while in the bathroom, or will fall out of hands while being used in the bathroom.


  1. Why is the toilet sometimes referred to as “the John”? This is because John Harrington first invented the flushing toilet in 1596.


  1. Leaky faucets can cost a home about a gallon a week! It is best not to ignore a leaky faucet and instead seek the help of a professional plumber ASAP!


  1. The first US city to have indoor plumbing was Boston! This is thanks to the Tremont Hotel in Boston, which obtained indoor plumbing in 1829.


  1. How do you say bathroom in French? The correct term is “la chamber sent”, which is literally translated to mean “smelly house”.


  1. The single-handle faucet was first invented by Al Moen in 1939, which could successfully control hot and cold water in just one turn.


  1. The first fire sprinkler system was invented by a British man named Sir William Congreve. He perforated pipes through the ceiling of a building and then installed a valve next to it that could be opened to send water through the pipes.

Need A Plumber?

Plumbing has been around for centuries, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. The plumbing facts mentioned above put an emphasis on the role of plumbing and how far it has evolved. When it comes to any plumbing problems plaguing your home, you will want to call an expert plumber to intervene and pay your home a visit for further inspection and solutions.

Not sure who to call in your area for plumbing expertise when problems start? One Way Rooter & Plumbing is the plumbing company many homeowners can trust in the event of an emergency. Let one of our plumbing technicians help your plumbing get back on track. Learn more about One Way Rooter & Plumbing here.  

What To Do After A Car Accident While On Vacation

When you are on vacation, you are thinking about getting some much-needed rest and relaxation. Being in a car accident while away from home can turn your vacation into a stressful event. However, there is no need to worry. Here is what to do if you are in a car accident while on vacation.

Follow The Typical Procedure

If involved in a car accident while on vacation, it is crucial you follow the steps you would take even if you had a car accident back home. Call the police, file an accident report, and exchange information with the driver. Also, make sure to talk to eyewitnesses who were in the area and saw the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

If you are on vacation when involved in a car accident, seeking medical attention may be at the back of your mind. It is important to see a medical provider as soon as possible. What starts off as a small sore can eventually become a much bigger injury. This is why it is important to seek medical treatment, and record any findings.

Make The Proper Arrangements

If your rental vehicle is totaled after a car accident, always make sure to reach out to the car rental service to let them know what has happened. You will also need to get another car to move around in after. Making the proper arrangements for transportation can give you peace of mind to focus on the filing process if you file a personal injury claim.

Talk To A Legal Professional

If the car accident and your injuries were a result of the reckless actions of another driver or party, you should sit down with a personal injury lawyer to discuss possible financial compensation. A personal injury lawyer will listen to your case and offer you the legal options you can explore. Compensation may be used to cover further medical expenses, repairs of your own vehicle, and even cost of a rental car.

Looking For A Personal Injury Lawyer in California?

The golden state of California is a vacation spot for many due to our lovely beaches and other beautiful cities and landmarks to visit. If you were involved in a car accident in California, sit down with a personal injury lawyer to discuss whether a personal injury claim is right for you. Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel is the law firm that has been representing Rancho Cucamonga and surrounding areas for many years.

A vacation is meant to be a time to get away from the stressors of daily life. However, not even a vacation is safe from unfortunate accidents. If your accident and injuries involve another liable party, get the right legal help immediately. Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel is a law firm composed of experts that will fight for you and make your case heard. To learn more about areas of service and the team at Lerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & Rubel, click here.

Bathroom Remodel Trends That May Affect Your Plumbing

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, we all want to make sure our bathroom is left just as we envision it. However, there are some bathroom trends that may cause more harm than good, especially when it comes to your plumbing! Unsure of what bathroom trends you may want to steer clear of? Here are a few!

Wall Mounted Faucets

Though wall mounted faucets may seem like the perfect addition to your bathroom, you might want to rethink this choice! All plumbing pipes connected to these faucets are usually behind walls that have been tiled over, but why is this bad? If there are any leaks in your plumbing, the fact that the pipes are well-hidden behind these walls means that any leaks will stay hidden as well, causing big trouble for your plumbing!

Open Showers

Showers without doors can seem to add a touch of luxury and flair to any bathroom. However, this design choice can actually lead any shower to turn into a cold one because the lack of shower curtain makes it easier for drafts to make their way to you! Also, an open shower makes it easier for water to drip out all over your bathroom floor, causing a mess and waste of water.

Choosing Cabinets That Don’t Fit Your Plumbing

Caught in the middle of a remodeling rush, you may find yourself making decisions that may not take your plumbing into consideration. Choosing any cabinet is one of them! Though it may seem like any cabinets will work for your bathroom, and you may have already set your sights on some, it is crucial you note whether your plumbing will fit within these cabinets. Some plumbing cannot fit into certain cabinet layouts, which may force you to get re-plumbing that is costly. If you are looking for bathroom trends that fit in your budget, always take your plumbing into consideration!

Changing Bathroom Fixtures

Changing your bathroom fixtures can actually affect your plumbing in a good way! This is because there are now many eco-friendly bathroom fixtures, such as water-efficient showerheads and low-flow toilets, that use less water and allow your plumbing to work just as or more efficiently! If you are completing a more eco-conscious bathroom remodel, changing your bathroom fixtures may be just what your bathroom (and plumbing) needs!

Need A Plumber?

Even a newly remodeled bathroom may need plumbing services done, and soon!  Keeping your plumbing maintained and serviced when it needs repairs is key to making sure your bathroom does not suffer any sudden unexpected issues. Hiring a professional plumber will give you so much peace of mind.

John’s Plumbing & Rooter Service is the professional company that many homeowners in Apple Valley and surrounding areas trust with their plumbing when difficulties arise! Give us a call and we will waste no time in getting to work. Find out more about our expert technicians and plumbing services offered at John’s plumbing & Rooter Service here.

Tips To Keep Your Car Clean In The Summer

Summer calls for trips to the beach, the park, and many other places to escape the heat and enjoy the sun. This also means your car is getting a lot of use, and with that, a lot more dirt. Don’t worry, here are some foolproof ways to keep your car clean this summer, so all you have to worry about is where to go next!

Remind Yourself and Your Passengers To Throw Away Trash

Long road trips can mean plenty of food wrappers and other trash piling up in your car. Simply reminding your passengers (and yourself) to throw away all trash at pit stops and when you reach your destination can be key in keeping the clutter in your car to a minimum.

Wipe Down Hard Surfaces Periodically

Using wet wipes or paper towels with all-purpose cleaner to wipe down hard surfaces, mirrors, and windows give your car an instant refresher before the next trip. Wet cotton swabs can help reach those hard places, such as cup holders and air vents.

Silicone Baking Cups Can Be For More Than Just Baking

Putting silicone baking cups in your cup holders can catch spare crumbs and other debris. This can be perfect for those long trips where there will be a lot of snacks involved!

Consider A Waterproof Backseat Cover

Whether you are planning a summer hike with your favorite furry friend or you are taking the family down to the beach (with sand galore), a waterproof backseat cover can protect your seating from a variety of elements. Whether it is sand, mud, water, and more, a backseat cover can be very helpful.

Don’t Toss Everything In The Trunk

Your car’s trunk may seem like an easy storage space, but this is far from the truth. Throwing everything in the trunk to better the appearance of your car’s interior can create a whole mess in your trunk that may be hard to clean up. Not to mention, everything in a car’s trunk is often forgotten about, leading to extra weight your car has to lug around!

Clean Drink Spills ASAP

Spilled drinks can cause your seats to become splotchy and sticky, which can put a damper on any summer activity. Whether it’s soda, juice, iced coffee, etc., you will want to clean up any drink spills as soon as possible, to keep your car mess-free and enjoyable for you and your passengers!

A clean car still needs repairs and maintenance here and there. Make sure to get your car the appropriate services, so it is ready for the next road trip (or two or three). If you are looking for an auto shop in the Redlands area, call the team at Import Automotive. Keeping your car clean and serviced during summer will allow you to enjoy your trips and your vehicle much more.

Don’t delay, reach out to Import Automotive. Curious about our services and team? Learn more about Import Automotive here.

Tent Cabanas in Los Angeles

Tent Cabanas in Los Angeles

Whether you want to relax with your family or have a large group, there are many benefits of tent rental company in Los Angeles. Cabanas offer the best views, shade, and chairs. To secure a cabana, make a reservation online by 11:59pm PT the day before. In-park cabana rentals are available the day of use. Depending on availability, cabanas are available in the middle of the day.


If you’re traveling to Southern California and need some AC, there are several options. Portable AC units are a good option. They are free-standing and rectangular and usually come with wheels. These units require electricity to run and use chemical refrigerant to cool the air. Portable AC units can be placed inside a tent, but you must have a hose leading out of the tent to extract the hot air. Window air conditioners can also function as tent air conditioners.

CD/MP3 Sound Systems

You can enjoy the sounds of your favorite CD/MP3 Sound Systems in tent cabins in Los Angeles. Typically, CD quality sound requires 1.4 million bits of data to play. To reduce the amount of data needed to play CD quality sound, MP3 developers developed an algorithm that compresses the data about sound that most listeners do not perceive. MP3 is the latest of a long line of audio encoding standards, and was developed under the sponsorship of the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and formalized by the International Organization for Standardization.

Private baths

If you’re looking for the ultimate in luxury camping without spending a fortune, consider the 1954-style glamping in Northern California. All but missing the private bathroom, these glamping tent cabinas are equipped with everything from a hot shower to a coffee maker and WI-Fi. Not to mention a beautiful 360-degree view. Located one hour outside Los Angeles, Mendocino Grove offers heated beds, yoga classes, hammocks and board games.

Lessons for stand up paddle boarding

In addition to its cool appeal, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) lessons are an excellent way to exercise and build muscle memory. The Paddle Method focuses on building muscle memory by paddling with your feet in a forward and backward motion. The lessons also teach you to catch waves and turn around safely. Beginners will be able to get on their boards and experience a new level of freedom and adventure.


If you’re a family of young kids, camping with your kids near Los Angeles is an excellent idea. Southern California is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world, and it’s no wonder. In addition to year-round gorgeous weather, the region offers an endless array of outdoor adventures. From hiking, bird watching, and stargazing to swimming and surfing, there’s something for everyone in this region.

Why You Should Hire a Motor Accident Lawyer

Motor Accident Lawyer

While most people assume that the amount of compensation awarded for a car accident depends on the value of the car involved, this is not always the case. A Motor Accident Lawyer can help you receive the compensation you deserve after a car accident. This article will discuss how much compensation you should expect from your insurance company, how to get a fair settlement, and the costs of hiring a lawyer. If you have been the victim of a car accident, you can read this article to find out more about how to get fair compensation.

Car accident victims

A lawyer is crucial for anyone injured in a car accident. Insurance companies are in business to make money, and they will do their best to pay the least amount of compensation possible. This compensation often falls short of paying medical bills and basic repair costs. However, an experienced motor accident lawyer will fight for you and fight to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Here are some reasons why you should hire an attorney after an auto accident.

Your case will be more complex than your insurance company would like you to believe. Many car accidents involve multiple insurance policies, and these may include additional benefits for the accident. The insurance company may try to blame you for the accident, and they may even deny important benefits that you’ve paid premiums for. It is best to have a lawyer fight for you if you’re involved in a minor car accident. This will help you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Compensation after a car accident

Obtaining compensation after a car accident is important to ensure that your health is restored and that you are able to return to work and your daily life. As with any accident, you should always be careful when interacting with insurance companies. Do not take actions that will prevent you from getting the maximum compensation possible. Here are some things you need to know. Follow these guidelines for the best possible compensation after a car accident. You may be entitled to receive a settlement of more than one thousand dollars for your injuries.

Identifying the at-fault driver can be the first step in determining the compensation that you are entitled to. In states where fault is determined, the at-fault driver must pay up to $10,000. In most cases, the negligent driver’s insurer will pay up to that limit. However, if you are injured in an accident, you can seek compensation from another party that was at fault, including the other driver’s insurance company and the manufacturer of the other vehicle’s parts. In many cases, this can be difficult to achieve.

Insurance companies’ negotiating tactics

Many insurance companies use various negotiating tactics to avoid paying out full compensation to accident victims. This is a tactic designed to gain the trust of the victims by promising quick settlements or quick turnarounds. However, it is important to note that insurance adjusters are trained to avoid taking financial responsibility when dealing with accident claims. If you don’t know how to handle such situations, you may end up receiving far less than you are really due. Insurance companies’ negotiating tactics may also include trying to drag the process out and hoping that someone will accept the offer immediately.

Negotiating with insurance companies is a rollercoaster ride. Despite their claims that they have your best interests at heart, insurance companies are in business to minimize their financial responsibility and make as little money as possible. In fact, they may even employ unethical tactics to make the settlement offer as low as possible. The key is to know how to fight back and be prepared to educate yourself about insurance negotiating tactics.

Cost of hiring a car accident lawyer

The cost of hiring a personal injury lawyer in Billings varies. Some lawyers charge a fixed fee for their services while others will work on an hourly basis. The cost of hiring a lawyer can be a significant factor, as a good lawyer can win more compensation for you. You should also consider the fact that your attorney will likely collect a percentage of the settlement or court award, and the attorney should be willing to accept a retainer from you.

The amount of compensation a car accident lawyer can recover for you depends on the circumstances of your accident. If the accident was your fault, insurance companies may offer you a settlement that is smaller than your policy limit. These settlements are much cheaper than hiring an attorney and paying for their services over several years. Typical settlement amounts are five to twenty-five thousand dollars. Lawyers know how to level the playing field against insurance companies.

Three Things to Look For in a Commercial Office Roofer

Commercial Office Roofer

When you’re looking to hire a roofer for your office building, you’ve probably noticed that there are many options. From the cost to the experience of the company, there are several factors to consider when choosing a company. Here are three things to look for in a commercial office temecula roofing contractor:

Can withstand the most common types of roof hazards

A reliable roof is one of the most important elements of a safe building, and regular maintenance is essential. However, it is possible for a worker to suffer a fall on a roof while performing routine maintenance or repair work. Identifying the signs of a fall is essential, and a quick meeting with your team can help remind everyone of any potential hazards. Below are some common roof fall hazards and how to prevent them.


Choosing a professional roofing company for your office building is important for a number of reasons. A new roof can improve energy efficiency and safety. Regular repairs to your roofing can save you money over time, and it can help to extend the life of your building. Here are some common situations when commercial roofing repair is needed:


If you’re in need of a new roof for your office, consider hiring an experienced commercial office roofer. Roofing companies in Utah are specialized in the repair and replacement of commercial roofing. Experience is the most important factor in choosing a roofer. Commercial office roofs are vulnerable to many types of weather, including wind and hail damage. A reliable, experienced commercial roofer can ensure that your building remains dry and safe.

Keeping Carpets Looking Good As A Pet-Owner

As a pet owner, you may have surrendered on the thought of keeping your carpets looking polished and clean. However, this is not always the case,  and you can still maintain carpets looking fresh and amazing! Here are a few tips to keep your carpets looking good, no matter how many furry friends are walking through your home.


●    Clean Up That Pet Urine Pronto!

It’s no secret that many of our pets can end up having accidents, but that shouldn’t cost you your carpets! When your pet goes on your carpet, grab paper towels and place a few on top of the urine, stepping on them with shoes or slippers on to clean up the urine. Keep doing this until the towels are nearly dry. Then, mix one teaspoon of ammonia into one cup of water and spray onto the surface of the carpet where urine was. Brush in small circular motions to pick up any residual urine, running a vacuum through the area after.

●    Keep Your Pet’s Nails Trimmed!

Long nails can not only be uncomfortable for your pet, but they can cause snags on the material of your carpet as well! Too many snags on the material can cause unraveling, which means bare or less fluffy spots on your carpet. Trim and file your pet’s nails to make sure your pet (and your carpet) stay a-ok.

●    Vacuum Regularly!

Vacuuming regularly can make a difference in the condition of your carpet when it comes to your pets! It is recommended pet owners vacuum their carpets at least twice a week. This is going to help pick up any hair, and even if your pets don’t shed hair, there is still the matter of dander! Vacuuming can help take care of the problem.

●    Get A Professional Cleaning Service!

Getting a professional cleaning service is the right step for all pet owners, especially when it comes to protecting their carpets from looking old or worn.Though it is recommended people get their carpets cleaned every 6 months to a year, pet owners may want to get these services at least 2 to 4 times a year.

●    Clean Your Pet’s Paws!

If your pet likes to spend quite some time outside, always remember to clean their paws before letting them step on your home’s carpet. By cleaning their paws, you prevent any dirt or debris from collecting on the carpet, and will make cleaning the carpet an easier task!


Having a pet doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your carpet! If you are looking to obtain new carpet for your home and need a Menifee carpet and flooring shop, Temecula Carpets is the place for you! Getting brand new carpet in your home means getting a boost to your interior decor, as well as getting another layer of coziness the whole household can appreciate. The tips above should help you keep your carpets clean and safe, no matter how much pet traffic your home has everyday!

Is It Time For Your HVAC Unit To Be Replaced?

Over time, it may be time to replace your HVAC unit. However, you may wonder whether the unit needs to be replaced, or simply need a few repairs. No need to worry, here are a few signs that signal it is time for your HVAC unit to be replaced for a newer model!

Loud Noises Coming From The HVAC Unit

An HVAC unit may make noises when starting up or shutting down, but if you notice loud noises such as extremely loud clangs, bangs, and whistling, there’s an issue. These noises may indicate a big problem with your unit, one that could be repaired if caught early, but may often signal a need for the unit to be replaced.

Repairs Cost Half Or More Of What Replacement Costs

Repairs may be the solution if they are much less costly than a replacement when it comes to your HVAC system. However, when repairs may end up taking a major hit to your wallet, costing half or more than a replacement, then completely replacing the unit is probably the best option. Paying up for a repair doesn’t mean your unit will be cleared from suffering even more troubles down the road!

There Are Uneven Temperatures Throughout Your Home

If your HVAC unit is failing to keep the same even temperature throughout your home, replacing the unit is the only solution. Usually a system that is too large for the home will cause this inconsistent bout of temperatures. If you’re freezing in your kitchen, but sweaty in your living room or bedroom, your system needs to be replaced.

Higher Energy Bills

When an HVAC system begins to deteriorate, the efficiency of the system depletes as well. If you’ve noticed your energy bills continue to climb, it may be time to replace your HVAC unit. Though regular maintenance can help with an HVAC unit’s lifespan and efficiency, an upgrade at some point is inevitable!

The System Is More Than 10 Years Old

Most HVAC systems should be replaced every 10 to 15 years, according to the Department of Energy. Even the major components of modern systems will start to deplete after 10 years. If your HVAC unit has been around for more than a decade, it will likely start to give off other signs of needing to be replaced anyway.

Poor Air Quality

An HVAC unit is the biggest factor when it comes to air quality in the summer. If your household notices mildew, mold, dust, or any unusual humidity levels while the unit is running, these may be indicators that your HVAC unit needs to be replaced.


If you are looking for a reputable HVAC Los Angeles company, look no further! Southwest HVAC is the expert company you can call when it comes to replacing your HVAC unit with a new model that is ready to put in the work. Beat the temperatures and maintain excellent indoor air quality with a brand-new HVAC unit!


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