Have you been noticing high water pressure in your home? If doing everyday chores is getting difficult because you’re seeing that your water pressure is too high and preventing you from getting anything done, it may be time to get a plumbing professional involved. What are some signs that your water pressure is too high? You may start to notice a couple of things, such as:

Banging Sounds In Your Pipes

If you hear strange banging or clanging sounds from your pipes after shutting off a faucet or flushing a toilet, this may be a clear indicator of high water pressure. Banging, shuddering, clanging, and other sounds coming from your pipes behind your walls after shutting off water can mean the pipes are adapting to the increasing pressure when you turn off your water.

No Hot Water

Have you had difficulty obtaining hot water for a shower or a load of laundry? One of the biggest signs that your home has a problem with hot water pressure is having no hot water available. This is also one of the most tedious signs of high water pressure, as we all need our hot water!

Leaky Pipes

High water pressure can end up putting a lot of strain on your home’s plumbing system. The pressure can actually end up loosening pipes, as well as creating pinholes on the pipes that allow leaks to develop. If you notice any of the other signs mentioned, as well as leaky pipes, then the mystery is solved and you definitely have high water pressure.

High Water Bills

High water pressure doesn’t just take a hit on your plumbing, but also your wallet! If you notice your water bills have jumped unexpectedly and you are paying much more for your water, the culprit may be high water pressure. High water pressure can make you waste a lot more water every time you open a tap or flush the toilet. For example, running a faucet for 10 minutes can produce 30 gallons at a pressure of 50 PSI, while water at a pressure reading of 60 PSI can produce 36 gallons in the equivalent time!

Common Causes of High Water Pressure

Common causes of high water pressure in your home include:

  • Something wrong with your water heater
  • Your home is located at the bottom of a hill (water flows heavier downhill after all)
  • The municipal water supply company might keep pressure high for fire hydrants or tall buildings
  • Thermal expansion as the water volume changes caused by heating from your water heater


To learn more about high water pressure and get expert solutions, call up a plumber in Apple Valley, plumber in Los Angeles, Whittier plumber, Pasadena plumber, or Fontana plumber! If high water pressure has caused chaos in your plumbing, you’ll want to get an expert opinion on what the next steps are, as well as learn more about the specific cause for your high water pressure. Don’t delay!