Keeping Carpets Looking Good As A Pet-Owner

As a pet owner, you may have surrendered on the thought of keeping your carpets looking polished and clean. However, this is not always the case,  and you can still maintain carpets looking fresh and amazing! Here are a few tips to keep your carpets looking good, no matter how many furry friends are walking through your home.


●    Clean Up That Pet Urine Pronto!

It’s no secret that many of our pets can end up having accidents, but that shouldn’t cost you your carpets! When your pet goes on your carpet, grab paper towels and place a few on top of the urine, stepping on them with shoes or slippers on to clean up the urine. Keep doing this until the towels are nearly dry. Then, mix one teaspoon of ammonia into one cup of water and spray onto the surface of the carpet where urine was. Brush in small circular motions to pick up any residual urine, running a vacuum through the area after.

●    Keep Your Pet’s Nails Trimmed!

Long nails can not only be uncomfortable for your pet, but they can cause snags on the material of your carpet as well! Too many snags on the material can cause unraveling, which means bare or less fluffy spots on your carpet. Trim and file your pet’s nails to make sure your pet (and your carpet) stay a-ok.

●    Vacuum Regularly!

Vacuuming regularly can make a difference in the condition of your carpet when it comes to your pets! It is recommended pet owners vacuum their carpets at least twice a week. This is going to help pick up any hair, and even if your pets don’t shed hair, there is still the matter of dander! Vacuuming can help take care of the problem.

●    Get A Professional Cleaning Service!

Getting a professional cleaning service is the right step for all pet owners, especially when it comes to protecting their carpets from looking old or worn.Though it is recommended people get their carpets cleaned every 6 months to a year, pet owners may want to get these services at least 2 to 4 times a year.

●    Clean Your Pet’s Paws!

If your pet likes to spend quite some time outside, always remember to clean their paws before letting them step on your home’s carpet. By cleaning their paws, you prevent any dirt or debris from collecting on the carpet, and will make cleaning the carpet an easier task!


Having a pet doesn’t mean having to sacrifice your carpet! If you are looking to obtain new carpet for your home and need a Menifee carpet and flooring shop, Temecula Carpets is the place for you! Getting brand new carpet in your home means getting a boost to your interior decor, as well as getting another layer of coziness the whole household can appreciate. The tips above should help you keep your carpets clean and safe, no matter how much pet traffic your home has everyday!

Is It Time For Your HVAC Unit To Be Replaced?

Over time, it may be time to replace your HVAC unit. However, you may wonder whether the unit needs to be replaced, or simply need a few repairs. No need to worry, here are a few signs that signal it is time for your HVAC unit to be replaced for a newer model!

Loud Noises Coming From The HVAC Unit

An HVAC unit may make noises when starting up or shutting down, but if you notice loud noises such as extremely loud clangs, bangs, and whistling, there’s an issue. These noises may indicate a big problem with your unit, one that could be repaired if caught early, but may often signal a need for the unit to be replaced.

Repairs Cost Half Or More Of What Replacement Costs

Repairs may be the solution if they are much less costly than a replacement when it comes to your HVAC system. However, when repairs may end up taking a major hit to your wallet, costing half or more than a replacement, then completely replacing the unit is probably the best option. Paying up for a repair doesn’t mean your unit will be cleared from suffering even more troubles down the road!

There Are Uneven Temperatures Throughout Your Home

If your HVAC unit is failing to keep the same even temperature throughout your home, replacing the unit is the only solution. Usually a system that is too large for the home will cause this inconsistent bout of temperatures. If you’re freezing in your kitchen, but sweaty in your living room or bedroom, your system needs to be replaced.

Higher Energy Bills

When an HVAC system begins to deteriorate, the efficiency of the system depletes as well. If you’ve noticed your energy bills continue to climb, it may be time to replace your HVAC unit. Though regular maintenance can help with an HVAC unit’s lifespan and efficiency, an upgrade at some point is inevitable!

The System Is More Than 10 Years Old

Most HVAC systems should be replaced every 10 to 15 years, according to the Department of Energy. Even the major components of modern systems will start to deplete after 10 years. If your HVAC unit has been around for more than a decade, it will likely start to give off other signs of needing to be replaced anyway.

Poor Air Quality

An HVAC unit is the biggest factor when it comes to air quality in the summer. If your household notices mildew, mold, dust, or any unusual humidity levels while the unit is running, these may be indicators that your HVAC unit needs to be replaced.


If you are looking for a reputable HVAC Los Angeles company, look no further! Southwest HVAC is the expert company you can call when it comes to replacing your HVAC unit with a new model that is ready to put in the work. Beat the temperatures and maintain excellent indoor air quality with a brand-new HVAC unit!


Pawn Shop Negotiation Tips

When it comes to selling at a pawn shop, you always want to make sure you are getting the most value of your item(s). Luckily, many pawn brokers are open to negotiation, but just how can this work in your favor? How can you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to selling to a pawn shop? Here are a few tried and true pawn shop negotiation tips, so you can walk out of your local pawn shop confident in your sales!

1.   Always Ask For A Better Offer

Many pawn shops leave room for negotiation when they make an initial offer on an item. Because pawn shops get to the bottom of an item’s value, they always want to make sure to leave wiggle room in case negotiation is brought up. So don’t be afraid to ask for a better offer when it comes to an item that you’re selling, especially if it is newer or in excellent condition!

2.   Be Friendly To Pawnbrokers

Be friendly to the pawnbrokers you are negotiating with! You are both trying to come to an agreement when it comes to your item. In the end, they want to buy it and you want to sell it, so there is always room to negotiate. Be courteous and respectful during the negotiation process, as this is a business transaction after all!

3.   Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

If you are looking to sell a phone for $900 that retails that price, you’re going to have a problem! When it comes to selling your items to a pawn shop, you have to be aware that the items are not new, may have a little wear, or maybe older. Hence, a pawn shop will not offer to buy it for retail or particularly close to the retail price either. Go into a pawn shop with low expectations, and you may find yourself still pleasantly surprised!

4.   Loans Don’t Have Room For Negotiation

If you are discussing terms of a pawn shop loan, it is vital you realize these loans are usually not up for negotiation. You have a set number of days to pay back the amount loaned to you, so there really is nothing to negotiate. The pawnbroker will value your item and make you a loan offer that is a percentage of that value.


For many people, the fun in pawn shops is that negotiation can be brought up, whether you are buying or selling items. Ask for a better offer, be friendly, and you may find yourself with a great deal! If you are looking for a Colton pawn shop or Ontario pawn shop to sell items or get a loan, then the search is over. Negotiation can be a skill that is only increased with each pawn shop visit, so don’t delay! Just remember: pawn shop loans are usually not a part of this negotiation perk. Sell your items for some quick money to add to that rainy day fund!

4 Signs Your Water Pressure Is Too High

Have you been noticing high water pressure in your home? If doing everyday chores is getting difficult because you’re seeing that your water pressure is too high and preventing you from getting anything done, it may be time to get a plumbing professional involved. What are some signs that your water pressure is too high? You may start to notice a couple of things, such as:

Banging Sounds In Your Pipes

If you hear strange banging or clanging sounds from your pipes after shutting off a faucet or flushing a toilet, this may be a clear indicator of high water pressure. Banging, shuddering, clanging, and other sounds coming from your pipes behind your walls after shutting off water can mean the pipes are adapting to the increasing pressure when you turn off your water.

No Hot Water

Have you had difficulty obtaining hot water for a shower or a load of laundry? One of the biggest signs that your home has a problem with hot water pressure is having no hot water available. This is also one of the most tedious signs of high water pressure, as we all need our hot water!

Leaky Pipes

High water pressure can end up putting a lot of strain on your home’s plumbing system. The pressure can actually end up loosening pipes, as well as creating pinholes on the pipes that allow leaks to develop. If you notice any of the other signs mentioned, as well as leaky pipes, then the mystery is solved and you definitely have high water pressure.

High Water Bills

High water pressure doesn’t just take a hit on your plumbing, but also your wallet! If you notice your water bills have jumped unexpectedly and you are paying much more for your water, the culprit may be high water pressure. High water pressure can make you waste a lot more water every time you open a tap or flush the toilet. For example, running a faucet for 10 minutes can produce 30 gallons at a pressure of 50 PSI, while water at a pressure reading of 60 PSI can produce 36 gallons in the equivalent time!

Common Causes of High Water Pressure

Common causes of high water pressure in your home include:

  • Something wrong with your water heater
  • Your home is located at the bottom of a hill (water flows heavier downhill after all)
  • The municipal water supply company might keep pressure high for fire hydrants or tall buildings
  • Thermal expansion as the water volume changes caused by heating from your water heater


To learn more about high water pressure and get expert solutions, call up a plumber in Apple Valley, plumber in Los Angeles, Whittier plumber, Pasadena plumber, or Fontana plumber! If high water pressure has caused chaos in your plumbing, you’ll want to get an expert opinion on what the next steps are, as well as learn more about the specific cause for your high water pressure. Don’t delay!

Safety Tips For New Drivers

Are you a new driver ready to hit the road? Has your teen gotten their driver’s license, and you want them to be aware of precautions they should take while driving? Here are a few key safety tips for new drivers, no matter what age they are or how prepared they feel!


●    Obey All Traffic Rules

Red means stop, green means go, yield signs means you must always let other vehicles or pedestrians cross first, and don’t forget to use that turn signal when switching lanes. Obeying all traffic rules is key to making sure your journey on the road is safe and secure.

●    Ignore Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive drivers can be on the road at any time of the day. If you find yourself dealing with an aggressive driver on the road, don’t engage. Instead, ignore them. If you begin to grow agitated, take the next exit or pull to the side of the road, putting as much space between you and the other driver. Going along with an aggressive driver can lead to a car accident, so it’s better to cool off and be safe.

●    Buy A Phone Mount

Whether you’re going to need navigation help on the road or you plan on switching between your favorite playlists, one of the most recommended things you can do is buy a phone mount. This way, you’re not fiddling with your phone while on the road, looking away from where you’re supposed to and putting yourself at risk of causing an accident!

●    Wear Your Seatbelt

What seems to be one of the most simple tips can also be overlooked by many drivers. Always remember to wear your seatbelt while on the road, as this can save your life or prevent devastating and life-altering injuries in the case of a car accident.

●    Use Rest Stops

If you’re on a road trip and feel tired, always stop at a rest stop. Driver’s fatigue is very real, and the consequences of staying on the road while you’re sleepy can be very serious. If you feel like you’re falling asleep behind the wheel before reaching your destination, pull up to a rest stop, public parking, or any other safe area open to the public where you can rest your eyes before finishing your journey.

Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

New drivers and old drivers alike may take the necessary precautions, but sometimes it is another driver that acts recklessly, causing an accident where other innocent drivers pay the price. Were you in a car accident that was caused by the negligent or reckless actions of another driver? Sit down and discuss your case with a personal injury attorney in San Bernardino or personal injury lawyer in Billings, MT. You may be able to bring the liable driver to justice and possibly receive compensation. Don’t let more time pass you by, if you’ve been injured in a car accident, contact a trustworthy personal injury lawyer to explore your legal options today!

First-Time Car Owner Tips

inally becoming an owner of your own car can be an exciting time! As a new car owner, you may be thinking a lot about your vehicle and how to make it last you a long time. There can actually be a few things vehicle owners can do to ensure their car is in excellent working condition and will be around for years to come! Here are some tips to take care of your very first car:


Don’t Ignore Dashboard Lights

That flickering bright light in your vehicle’s dashboard that is getting your attention is not meant to be ignored at all! Dashboard warning lights can signal when there’s an issue arising in your car and repairs need to be made. Lights in your dashboard may include the check engine light, tire pressure light, temperature light or gauge, and others. If this is your first car, it is crucial you pay attention to every little signal it can give you when it comes to needed repairs. You don’t want to have to pay the price later, if your car stalls or breaks down on the road!

Regular Maintenance Is Much-Needed

Even as a first-time car owner, don’t let yourself be fooled! Regular maintenance is not unnecessary, it is actually very much crucial to ensuring your vehicle is in great working condition. Also regular maintenance can address possible damages to allow for preventative measures. Considering you can get oil changes, tire rotation, and air filter change during a maintenance job, you don’t want to skip this service!

Don’t Ignore Your Tire Pressure

If you allow your vehicle’s tires to lose pressure and become flat, this can put your car at risk! Not to mention, you are in danger of suffering from a car blowout in the middle of the road. Check your tire pressure, make sure there’s no significant wear or damage to your tires, and get the appropriate tire repairs and replacements as needed.

Keep Your Car Clean

You finally got that car you always wanted, so why would you let it stay dirty? Keeping your car clean both on the exterior and interior, can benefit your vehicle in many ways. For example, leaving bird waste on your car can actually damage its paint job. Grime and dirt can make its way into your car’s interior mechanical systems as well, even causing blockages. Keep your car clean, it’ll make your vehicle look amazing, and it will make you feel great as well!

Get Vehicle Maintenance In Highland!

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your new car is getting maintenance services! If you are looking for a Highland auto repair shop to get car maintenance and repair services done, call Import Automotive! If you are a new vehicle owner, you’re going the extra mile when it comes to your car’s well-being. By following the steps above, you are making sure your vehicle is in excellent condition, and could be for a long time!

What If My Ex Won’t Pay Child Support?

ne of the toughest parts when it comes to divorce or separation can be handling your children’s affairs. If you are the custodial parent and your ex owes child support, but has failed to pay, what are your options? We’ll explore the process that may follow when it comes to an ex who is not paying child support.

Where Was This Agreement Made?

First thing’s first. Where was the child support agreement made? If the agreement was only made privately between you two, a court may not be able to accomplish anything for you. If the child support plan was viewed and approved by a court, then you can go to a court to file a contempt motion against your ex.

What Can Happen When I File A Contempt Motion?

It is important to go before a court to say your ex hasn’t been keeping up with child support payments. In the state of California, there is a statute of limitations for 3 years on filing motions of contempt when it comes to missed child support payments. Filing for a contempt motion issues a civil warrant against the offending parent. Consequences of this warrant include fines and possible jail time. Often, the ex’s financial resources are tapped to make up for missed payments as well.

There may also be a criminal warrant issued on the paying parent, but this occurs when federal or state prosecutors become involved in the case due to the parent being significantly behind on payments or owing a very large amount. This warrant can also lead to fines and/or jail time of year or longer.

Other Ways To Obtain Child Support

A court can also set other legal ways to obtain the child support you’re owed. In California, other consequences when concerning failure to pay child support include:


  • Jail time or a fine of $1,000 (though fines aren’t always issued if the money can go to the amount of child support owed)
  • Community service
  • Order that the paying parent pay the other parent’s legal fees for bringing the matter to court
  • There may be a court order placed to take the possession of the ex’s real property, like a house or piece of land
  • Money may be taken out of the ex’s paychecks to pay for child support
  • Money may also be taken out of offending parent’s bank accounts to make up for child support payments

Does Your Ex Owe Child Support?

Child support is meant to cover your child’s basic needs, such as food, clothing, home needs, etc. Getting professional legal representation when it comes to filing a contempt motion due to missing child support payments is recommended. For a divorce lawyer in Carlsbad to represent you in this legal matter, look no further. At The Law Offices of Marc Duxbury, you will be connected to an expert family law professional that can offer you unmatched legal advice to make the court process much smoother!

What To Do After Getting Locked Out Of Your Car

ou’re going home from work. You unlock your car and leave your belongings there, then realize you forgot something from the office. When you walk back, your car is locked and you spot the keys resting in the cup holder! Now locked out of your car, what can you do? Don’t panic, here are some tips to get out of this sticky situation as soon as possible.

Check All Car Doors

The first and most simple thing to do is to check all your car doors to make sure all of them are locked. There may be one that is open which quickly allows you to enter your vehicle and solve the problem!

Call A Friend Or Family Member

Calling a friend or family member may be the best choice for emotional support. They may also have tips for getting into the car, or may even drive to you to help with the situation. If you dial a family member from your household, they may even be able to find a spare car key that can help you get into your car.

Methods To Try And Unlock Your Car Door

You could also use methods to try and unlock your car door yourself. For example:


  • A coat hanger can possibly be slipped between a small gap made between the door and car frame, which can allow you to press the unlock button or hook the locking post.
  • A strip of plastic folded into a u-shape can unlock a car door if you place the bottom closed portion between the door jam and lift up.
  • If there are children or pets in your locked door, you may simply want to smash the window to get them out safely. This will cost you some money for repairs, but in the end, you will have safely gotten to your loved ones trapped in the car.

Call Expert Help

Turn to roadside assistance or a professional locksmith to intervene in your situation. A professional locksmith can show up to your location in a timely manner and provide a way to open your car without damaging it, as well as later on giving you a duplicate car key and/or replacing or repairing locks if they were damaged. Going with professional help may be the best choice if you do not want to damage your vehicle!


If you’re locked out of your car, don’t panic. Instead, call a Hesperia locksmith or Victorville locksmith to provide you some much-needed help. Locksmiths can get a number of car owners out of this overwhelming situation by creating a duplicate key of the car, as well as unlocking any locks that are stopping you from getting into your vehicle. If you’ve lost your car key or had it stolen, a locksmith can also change the locks of your car so you won’t have to worry about your car being stolen later. Don’t delay, let an expert locksmith help today!

Signs Of Hidden Leaks

eaks can end up costing a household thousands of gallons of water a year. Because leaks can start off small, they may often be overlooked. If you suspect there may be a hidden leak somewhere in your home, what are some signs that can prove it? Luckily for you, there’s a few signs to keep an eye out for, so you can intervene as soon as possible to get a plumbing professional to fix that pesky leak with a plumber in Los Angeles. You may have a hidden leak on your hands if you notice:

Mold Spots or Mildew on the Walls

When moisture gets trapped in your walls, mold spots or mildew can quickly develop. The only reasonable way moisture could get trapped in your walls is due to a leaky pipe. If you spot mold or mildew, it’s best to call up your favorite local plumber.

Foul Smells

Mold doesn’t just make an appearance for you to spot, but it also makes an appearance for you to smell. If you notice a musty smell and other clues such as the ones listed below, you no doubt have a hidden leak.

Check Your Water Meter

Checking your property’s water meter can give you a clue as to whether you are suffering from hidden leaks. To check for leaks through your meter, make sure no one has used any water for 30 minutes. If the meter is still showing activity anyway, you are probably dealing with hidden leaks.

Low Water Pressure

If you’re using your sink or shower and notice that water is trickling out weakly instead of the usual strong spurt, this may be due to a hidden leak. Because water is leaving your plumbing through a leak before reaching the fixture you’re using, you will notice the water pressure is incredibly low.

High Water Bills

One of the most telling signs of a hidden leak will be a sudden jump in your water bill. If you can’t explain the increase of your water bill, more likely than not it is due to a hidden leak. When your household’s water usage hasn’t changed at all, the most likely culprit is a hidden leak or two that is causing water to go to waste.

Damaged Walls or Ceilings

If you suddenly spot bubbles, blisters, peeling paint, and cracks on your wall, this may indicate water is leaking inside the wall. A warped wall and sagging ceiling can also hint at a hidden leak. It is important to act fast and try to take care of the leak before further damage develops.


When it comes to any type of leak, you’ll want an expert plumber to diagnose the problem and offer efficient solutions. If you are in need of an Eagle Rock Plumber to check your property for hidden leaks or put a stop to them, call the team at Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning! When your leaks are fixed, you can feel better and more at ease going about your daily routine!

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